Doing what you love because you love it

Being a raven is about doing things because you are passionate about them, not because they entail a reward. In other words it is not about the medal but the race. I entered a Write for a Better World Contest.

First I read over the details on the contest form then I emailed them for follow up information not given. I started writing my story and it was originally nothing like the one I submitted. I wrote five different possible stories before deciding on one concept. After this I wrote an additional fiffteen copies all of the same idea but with variations and different outcomes. In the end I won the contest, including a $500 reward.

Yet, that is not the reason I entered the contest, nor the reason I wrote so many copies or put so much work into my story. Most of all while writing I didn’t think of my work as work to win a contest. I wrote the piece because I love writing and creating alternate worlds and realities in which anything can happen.

I won the contest because I loved writing, not because I loved winning. Yes it felt amazing to win, but it didn’t make me love my work any more, nor any less. I already loved it and I wouldn’t have loved it any less if I had come dead last. Being a raven isn’t about the rewards you can get, being a raven is about doing what you love because you love it.

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