I needed some help…

At the start of grade seven, I was having a pretty tough time with my friends and my grades and even things at home were stressful. I felt like I had no one to talk to.

Grade seven was already scary enough at the start because LDH is such a big school but luckily there was a wonderful group that takes place at this school that was introduced to me. Early Intervention Program (EIP) was a group that sounded perfect for me and it was.

Through all of my tough times in grade seven, EIP helped me and so did our guidance teacher. I had lots of friend drama and the group helped me understand how to become better at dealing with school and home related issues.

I kept going to EIP all through grade eight too and I can happily say that things are looking a lot better for me from when I started grade seven and ended grade eight.

If ever you find yourself in a sticky situation you can find help here at LDH. Our guidance teacher Ms.MacDonald is always here to help you and so is the EIP group. My grades and happiness have gone up since the seventh grade and finding help here at LDH introduced me to some great strategies I can use and an amazing role model that I can always look up to.


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