Building Respect Into our Everyday

In order for our school to be an environment where can thrive, it is very important that we all learn specifically how we should talk to each other.

The staff / teacher conversation is a very interesting conversation that we should all work on perfecting. It is absolutely critical that students are respectful of all staff in the building. This includes:

  • your teachers,
  • other teachers,
  • office staff,
  • principals
  • and custodial staff.

The better our communication skills are with each other on a regular basis, the better off we will be in stressful or difficult situations.

In a world of emails and text messages, we all need to practice and work on our oral communication skills every single day. Take a look at the following chart to see if there are any helpful tips.


  • Use the teacher’s name when speaking to them.
  • Use proper manners. If you are asking something say please. If a teacher helps you with something, say thank you.
  • Wait until the teacher has completed their thought / sentence before you share your ideas or opinions.
  • Approach the staff as an authority figure. They are ultimately in charge and their decisions must be respected as final.
  • Understand that teachers act the way they do for two reasons, the first is for the overall safety of all students and the second is out of an understanding of what is best for you (even if you don’t like it).
  • Understand that sometimes the decisions teachers make are not always decisions that you like. This is not because they don’t like you. It is because they are required to uphold rules and policies.



  • Interrupt when you are being spoken to.
  • Use inappropriate slang terms or swear words.
  • Use negative body language
  • Turn away from an ongoing conversation
  • Raise your voice or direct anger towards a teacher.
  • Think you get to make the rules or decide for yourself what is good or bad behavior.
  • Try to find ways around a decision that a teacher has made.
  • Assume the teacher is trying to get you into trouble.
  • Be dishonest
  • Avoid staff when they are talking to you.
  • Pick and choose which staff you will listen to or not. All staff have equal responsibility for your well being.

Conversations Starter Tips

If you are having trouble starting conversations with staff try out some of these conversations starters and see where they take you.

  • Hey, good morning (Mr. / Mrs.) ____________ how are you this morning?
  • Hi Mr. / Mrs. ______________ I was wondering if we could find some time to talk about the __________ homework from last night.
  • Hi Mr. / Mrs. _____________  I have an idea about ___________ that i was hoping to discuss with you. Do you think we could chat about it some time?

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