Rain, Rain, Go Away …

Hey Ravens, last week we had our first run in with bad weather. For the most part, we were happy with the way everyone responded but we would like to address a few key pieces of information that will help us ensure that everyone is safe.

  1. Indoor recesses will be spent doing Lunch Loops. This is a great alternative to getting wet. You get to spend time chatting and hanging with your friends while getting a little bit of light exercise! For our new Ravens, Lunch Loops means that you and your friends will be walking laps around the bottom floor hallways. Please stay calm and be respectful of other walkers and the teachers on duty.
  2. If there is a recess that starts outside and requires a shift indoors, please help keep each other safe by proceeding to lineup against the building (single file) and wait for a teacher to escort people into the building. Sometimes these types of transitions can lead to chaos and eventually to injury. Please be respectful of your classmates’ safety and help get everyone in safely and quickly.
  3. Make sure you stay in the supervised area. Sometimes it’s tempting to wander into another hallway or into an area that is not supervised but please understand that we can’t ensure safety unless we can ensure supervision. You may not be anywhere where you are not being directly supervised.
  4. When the Grade 8’s are switching from eating to their lunch loops, we would like you to take a detour past the atrium steps and down the gym hallway. This will allow you to make your way to your Lunch Loops and avoid a traffic jam with the Grade 7’s

*** RISE TIP ***

Indoor recesses are great opportunities to build relationships with people.

  • If you want get to know people better, the best way is to have a conversation with them.
  • Even better, have a conversation where you are asking all the questions and letting them do most of the talking.
  • Just ask questions and listen, this is a great way to make friends!

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