Who is allowed to use the soccer field during nutrition break? Intermediates or Secondary Phys Ed classes?

Being part of a large family can be tough sometimes.

We have around 2250 students from Grades 7-12 at our school, so it takes a lot of respect, patience and resilience for our school to run smoothly.

Sometimes, there are little hiccups. But this is an opportunity for everyone to overcome challenges, build resilience, and RISE up.

Some of our Ravens noticed it was a little confusing today at recess time.

Both the Intermediates and the Secondary PE classes think they are to play on the soccer field.

The intermediate and secondary PE teacher teams have collaborated to try and enhance and clarify play spaces for LDH students!

Here what they have come up with:

  • Football field and track will be used as a curricular teaching space for secondary PE.
  • Side soccer field will be used for curricular teaching space and play space for intermediate students.

Intermediate Ravens have been asked to move out of the net area to encourage the growth of grass on this newly conditioned field so it remains playable for interscholastic use.

Please note that if PE classes are displaced from the adjacent city fields they will need to use this space on some occasions.

What does this mean? Here’s what our principal clarified for teachers in an email

Hello everyone,

My apologies to everyone for the confusion surrounding the school yard. For the short term until we have a more fulsome discussion, the secondary PE classes will have the large football field and the intermediates will have the side soccer field during nutrition breaks. Feedback would be appreciated.

But of course, this is an ongoing conversation.

Don’t forget. Things change and we need to be flexible.

The better our communication skills are with each other on a regular basis, the better off we will be in stressful or difficult situations.

If an Intermediate or Secondary staff member asks you to leave the soccer field, please respect the request. For more information about how to build respect into our every day lives, check out this post.

What do you do during recess?

Do you play on the soccer field? Feel free to leave a comment below.

(Comments are moderated. Remember this is an online educational space. We have great expectations of Ravens, both at school, and online. It’s just how we fly.)

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