About Our (Intermediate) Nest

A group of Ravens is called a conspiracy.

Longfields Davidson Heights Secondary School is a Grade 7-12 school in Ottawa, Canada. We are Ravens. So, welcome to the conspiracy.

The content on this website was made by both students and staff. The website is managed by a team of LDH teachers.

HELP! (About this site… in plain English)

What is a Raven

How we fly

Resilient Ravens

I’m Lost!

Get Involved

Latest News

  • UNDER CONSTRUCTION – the latest blog posts on this site. We’re hoping this will become a resource for teachers to discuss in homerooms, and more!

HELP! (I’m having a tough time)

Sometimes life is tough.

Everybody is too busy for my problems

  • We have an intermediate guidance counsellor who might be able to help out
  • Kids Help Phone also has excellent online resources about emotional health, dating lgbtq, sexting, and bullying. (Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only national 24-hour, bilingual and anonymous phone counselling, web counselling and referral service for children and youth.)
  • You could also call a counsellor at Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868.

Find a tutor

Free Online Math Help for grade 7-10 students

  • Click here to get Free 1-on-1 online math help with Ontario teachers for Ontario students grades 7 – 10

Did you find a mistake? Let us know!

Mistakes happen. Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

Although we are trying to keep this site up-to-date, there may be some errors. If you notice some outdated information, please let us know

  1. Leave a comment on the page with the error,
  2. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page, or
  3. Email Mr. Fuchigami

Hidden Easter Eggs

There are some unexpected / undocumented features on this website included as a joke on this website.

(For example, there are a few short humorous videos, websites and pop culture references, linked here and there. Start with trying to find the Zootopia link on our How to Fly page and then look for the others. Good luck exploring the site!)



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