RISE Assembly #2 Celebrating RESPECT and introducing INCLUSION

Here’s a link to the RESPECT quotes we showed before our RISE assembly on Wed Oct 25.

(Psst. This entire quote slideshow was creating using Google Slides. Can you figure out how it was made? Vertical text… Circular gradient… Subtle background text… Inverted colour theme… If you can, come join the Tech club for Sunshine & Rainbows…)


Here’s a link to our INCLUSION Assembly Slideshow




Here’s a copy of the Class Consistency Challenge for INCLUSION

LDHSS JC Pohl Welcome Video: Resiliancy is about taking the hits, and moving forward

JC Pohl from Teen Truth will be coming to Longfields in a few weeks to speak to our Grade 7s and 8s.

He’s going to be talking to us about what it means to make a difference at school, in each other’s lives, and what it means to tell our truth.

What does that mean, exactly? Check out the welcome video below that he posted in YouTube for us. You can also visit www.teentruth.net or www.jcpohl.com to learn more.

Dreams are where you want to go…work is how you get there.

Longfields Davidson Heights is excited to have Mark Hatfield as a motivational speaker for our grade 8 students on the first day of school!

Mark is a member of Motivate Canada’s Self Esteem Team and he delivers a powerful message on resiliency, his road to success, and how he got there.

Mark’s extraordinary story is well documented. After graduating from Bishop’s University, Mark earned a spot with the National Football League’s Miami Dolphins and later played for the Houston Oilers and Detroit Lions…

In 1997, he moved back to Canada, and joined the B.C. Lions football club of the Canadian Football League. Beyond football, Mark created and starred in short segments entitled, “the retired CFL guy”, for the comedy network’s “game face” series.

He also hosted the “big bad sports show” on Rogers cable for two seasons and has been a frequent guest on TSN’s “Off the record with Michael Landsberg.” Mark is also the founder and head trainer for Hatfield’s athletic development centre and a professional firefighter with the city of Ottawa. In his spare time, he sleeps.

Where do you want to go, Ravens? What kind of work do you need to do to get there?

PEP TALK #1: Longfields needs you. Stop being boring.

Welcome to September 2017

If you’re in Grade 7, welcome to Longfields. If you’re in Grade 8, welcome back! And, if you’re on this site, welcome to the all-new Intermediate Ravens RISE website.

We’ve got a great year planned for you.

  • Academics.
  • Extra-curriculars.
  • Your physical and social well being…

Longfields Needs You. Stop being boring.

Yeah, you. To quote Kid President, “It’s easy being boring. You’re gooder than that.”

Check out this pep talk from Kid President.

“Two roads diverged in the woods,

and I took the road less traveled.


Really Bad: rocks, thorns, and glass!

But, what if there really were two paths?

I want to be on the one that leads to AWESOME.

How are you going to be on the road to AWESOME this year?