September Phys-Ed Info: OPEN GYM and INTRAMURALS

A friendly update from the Phys-Ed team:

OPEN GYM (10:55-11:35)

Students are to line up by the boys’ change room and the first 30 students will be allowed to come in and play for the whole break. We ask that students bring their lunches and will be given time to eat from 11:25-11:35pm.

For this coming week, we will have the grade 8s in the gym on Monday, Wed, Fri. and the grade 7s will be invited in Tuesday and Thursday. We will alternate every week.

For the next month or so, students will be invited in to play badminton.

INTRAMURALS: (1:35-2:15)

Here is the schedule (for the next month) for INTRAMURAL bordenball.

Schedules are hopefully posted in your homeroom class as well.

If there are changes, Phys-Ed will send teachers the updated copy.

The tournament is CLASS vs CLASS so students just need to show up on the day they are scheduled to play… Intramurals take place from 1:35-2:15pm.

Students are asked to bring their lunch and will be given some time at the end of the intramural to eat.

AMAZING RACE was amazing

Congratulations to all Grade 7 and 8 students for completing a fantastic first week and an incredible amazing race on Friday.

Students from the 8 teams competing in the final task can get their prizes in the PE office. Please come at 1st break or 2nd break on Monday.