Get Involved

Life is short. You only YOLO once, so you might as well get involved.

Where can I find out about clubs and activities?

  1. Check the giant whiteboard in the Intermediate atrium.
  2. Listen to the morning announcements.
  3. Check the main LDHSS school website – the morning announcements are available online 
  4. The main office sometimes prints the announcements.
  5. COMING SOON: Check this page.

This page is under construction.

We’re also going to post a list of some of the things you can do at Longfields here.

  • Band
  • Sports
  • Open Art
  • Open Music
  • Drama
  • Open Gym
  • Better World
  • Milk mats
  • WEB
  • and more.

Teachers – please send us a quick bio with the following information, and we’ll post it up here. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Name of club / event / activity
  • Contact Teacher(s)
  • When do you meet? When does it start?
  • A few sentences describing what you do
  • A photo if you have it.

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