Arrival / Dismissal

School can be an exciting place! (Or, maybe you just got dropped off early.) Here are some things to know about being inside the building.

When am I allowed to go to my locker?

Intermediate students are not in the Intermediate Wing or in the hallway by the fish bowl until 8:35 am and should be out of all hallways by 3:25.

Intermediate students that arrive before 8:35 a.m. should stay in the main atrium or in the hallway between the secondary and intermediate fire doors (by the vending machines).


Please stay out of the purple Intermediate areas until 8:35 AM.

How do I know when I can go into the Intermediate wing?

here is a bell that rings to let students know that they can enter the intermediate area.

Please wait in designated areas until the bell rings at 8:35 AM or a staff member signals it is time to enter the intermediate area.

What do I do if I’m in band, or I have an extra-curricular club to go to?

If students are in band, they are either in the band room or out of the intermediate area.

Students that are involved in extra curriculars (music, sports, etc.) should not be lingering in the halls or going to their lockers. Go straight to your activity.

Why can’t we be in the Intermediate wing? I mean, we’re allowed in the building, aren’t we?

Because supervision rules and legislation are different between Intermediate and Secondary.

How late can I be?

After the national anthem, Oh Canada, make sure to write your name on the sign in sheet in the office.

If you’re late after 9:15, you’ll need to get a late slip. They also start calling your parents or your home.

What happens if I need to leave school early?

Please make sure to bring a note. Let your teachers know and sign out at the front office when you have to leave.

Together, we make Longfields safer.