Auditorium / Assemblies

Sometimes, our assemblies are in the auditorium. Sometimes, we have larger assemblies in the gym.

Here are some things to know about how we fly in an assembly.

1. Sit with your class – we will post the class seating plan soon

  • Auditorium seating plan (GRADE 8s)
  • Auditorium seating plan (GRADE 7s)
  • Gym seating plan (GRADE 7s and 8s)

2. Hats off

3. Don’t be a Tommy Texter – put away the mobile device.

4. Don’t be a Sally Soundtrack

5. Be Respectful

Be respectful of presenters and peers. This means listening to the presenter, ignoring distractions, and not being a distraction yourself!


7. Stay seated until your teacher dismisses you.

Sometimes the assembly will last several periods and you might have a different teacher at the end of the assembly. Please wait for that teacher to pick you up and dismiss you.

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