There are lots of ways to get to school. Some people walk or bike, some people catch the bus, and some people get dropped off by car.

Here are some things to know about getting to school safely

Bus Info

View Bus info slideshow.

Slideshow concept by TF, GS, TD

Parents / Guardians – please remember that the bus loop is closed for picking up students and dropping off students from 2:45 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Which bus do I take?

(This was written by students in June 2017 by Grade 8 students. Things change. Please leave a comment if this page needs to be updated.)

There are 3 routes:

  • 80 (176 was changed to 80)
  • 171 Barrhaven Center (this is at Berrigan and Longfields, not in the bus area in front of the school)
  • 171 Fallowfield

What do I do if I miss the bus?

Here are some tips if you miss the bus

  • Buses come from 2:45 to 4:00 PM. Don’t freak out if you miss the first round of busses.
  • Download the app (OC TRANSPO)- it’s free and you don’t need data or wifi to look at the times)
  • Walk to the school office, and call your parents.

What if I lose my PRESTO?

You have to register it before you lose it.

Then you go online and you report it as lost.

Then, you can order a new card and you’ll have to pay $6.00 to get a new card, but they’ll put your balance from your old card onto the new card.

Then, they send it to you in (7 business days), but they recommend you get it in store. (Mine didn’t come for like 4 months, and that’s not an over exaggeration. My dad had to call, like the people at the headquarters, and then he had to go buy a new card again….)


If you haven’t registered it…

Then you have to pay and they won’t give you a new one. (They won’t refund it to you.)

That was the epic fail I made last year. (And this year, I registered it and I still lost it. (See above.)

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