Grade 7 and 8 students at Longfields are very lucky to be able to eat in a high school cafeteria. (Remember, most other grade 7 and 8 students in elementary schools eat in their classrooms.)

With great power, comes great responsibility. Please make sure to take care of our cafeteria space.

Can I buy food from the cafeteria servery?

Absolutely. Please make sure to line up in an orderly line outside of the servery door.

There will be a staff member there to help make sure the servery (where you order the food) doesn’t get too crowded.

Make sure to buy your food right away. (If you wait to the last minute, you may not have time to finish your food, and we don’t want food on the yard.)

Where can I sit?

Right now, students can sit wherever they want on the Intermediate side of the cafeteria.

(There’s a secondary side with comfy couches and high tables. Please don’t sit there. Don’t worry. You’ll get there eventually.)

A staff member will be walking around the tables to support students in keeping the cafeteria clean.

When can I leave the cafeteria? (What do the whistles mean?)

  • Grade 8s eat for the first 20 minutes of nutrition break
  • Grade 7s eat for the second 20 minutes of nutrition break.


Two minutes before the end of your 20 minutes in the cafeteria, the teacher will blow their whistle once.

You need to do a table sweep and clean the top of the table and pick up any garbage on the ground.

Once the table sweep has been completed, raise your hand letting the teacher know you’re ready for them to check your table.

One duty teacher will check one half of the cafeteria. And the other duty teacher will check the other half.


When the cafeteria is clean, the teacher will blow the whistle twice.

This means that students can leave. We use the back cafeteria door to go outside. Intermediate students are to stay in the cafeteria during their nutrition break until they are released to the yard.

I’m not finished my food. Can I take it outside onto the yard?

Unfortunately, no. Students are not allowed to take food into the yard.

Try to make sure you get to the cafeteria and start eating right away.

It’s fun to chat with friends, but don’t get distracted so you run out of time to eat.

And, if you’re buying food from the vending machines or cafeteria servery, try to buy it right away so you don’t have to rush.

Am I allowed to go to the vending machines?

Yup. Please make sure to go during the first 10 minutes of your cafeteria visit. (Or, before school or after school.)

Please don’t visit the vending machines during the instructional day.

The vending machines ate my money. What do I do?

We’re sorry to hear that. That happens sometimes. If you go to the office, there’s a number you can call. 

What else can I do?

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