We have a library on the second floor of the Secondary Wing. You can get to it by climbing up the “Cinderella staircase” close to the main office.

Don’t lose your library books

Here’s what students had to say about losing their library books.

That’s a pain in your butt, man.

And, don’t wait to pay for the fines. They call your parents. They email you, like, 25 times. They call you down and talk with you.

The maximum fine for being late is $5.00. It’s 10 cents every day.

If you lose the book, you have to repay the price of the book.

Blog posts about the Library:

Grade 7 / 8 Library Information (9/10/2017) - Greetings from the Library! We will be open for gr. 7 & 8 students to come in for 1st nutrition break only, starting next week. (Mon Sep 11, 2017) They will need a library pass to enter. A maximum of 2 students allowed per pass and per homeroom. Library passes will be available for teachers … Continue reading Grade 7 / 8 Library Information

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