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Stuff to know about Open Gym

How do I sign up for open gym?

There will be one teacher on duty for open gym during the first nutrition break. The supervisor is to let the first thirty five students into the gym.

What are we playing in open gym today?

The supervisor decides what activities the students will participate in.

When do I eat lunch if I go to open gym?

Ten minutes before the end of break (11:25 a.m.) students eat their lunch in the middle of the gym.

Can I leave open gym to get my lunch or if I want to go outside?

No. Please make sure to bring your lunch at the beginning of the session and stay for the entire 40 minutes.


Stuff about Intramurals

What are intramurals?

We have a lot of fantastic competitive sports teams at Longfields.

Since only a select few make the LDHSS sport teams, intramurals are an opportunity for everybody and anybody to play organized sports following a schedule.

When are intramurals?

There will be intramurals every second break all year

Where do I sign up?


Can I sign up by myself, or do I need to find other people to play on my team?

Students can sign up as an individual or sign up as a team to play a sport (ie: bordenball, 3 on 3 basketball, floor hockey, indoor soccer).

If a student signs up for intramurals (ie: referee, player, scorekeeper) we ensure they will have an opportunity to participate.

If I’m doing intramurals, when do I eat lunch?

When students have a scheduled game, we advise them to eat their lunch at first break as we do not give them time to eat during intramurals.

Check out the 360 video of our Intermediate gym:


AMAZING RACE was amazing (9/11/2017) - Congratulations to all Grade 7 and 8 students for completing a fantastic first week and an incredible amazing race on Friday. Students from the 8 teams competing in the final task can get their prizes in the PE office. Please come at 1st break or 2nd break on Monday.
September Phys-Ed Info: OPEN GYM and INTRAMURALS (9/11/2017) - A friendly update from the Phys-Ed team: OPEN GYM (10:55-11:35) Students are to line up by the boys’ change room and the first 30 students will be allowed to come in and play for the whole break. We ask that students bring their lunches and will be given time to eat from 11:25-11:35pm. For this … Continue reading September Phys-Ed Info: OPEN GYM and INTRAMURALS