I’m Lost (maps and stuff)

It’s a big school. Everyone gets lost at the beginning.

  • “I got lost on the first day. My mom dropped me off on the first day down the street.”
  • “I swear I ended up on the high school section.” (The second floor high school wing is not connected to the second floor intermediate wing.)
  • “I went to go to the washroom and got lost”

What should you do when you get lost? Ask someone for help!

  • “Don’t forget to ask for help. I was just sitting on the auditorium steps. I didn’t know anyone.”
  • “Go to the office.”
  • “Ask someone to walk you up. High schoolers don’t know the area. Ask short people [intermediate students] for help.”

Here’s a list of Intermediate Teachers and where to find them…


2 thoughts on “I’m Lost (maps and stuff)

    • ldhss says:

      Thanks for the heads up. It’s actually an old list from last year, so we’re in the process of updating it. Appreciate the comment and hope your first week of school went well.

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