AMAZING RACE was amazing

Congratulations to all Grade 7 and 8 students for completing a fantastic first week and an incredible amazing race on Friday.

Students from the 8 teams competing in the final task can get their prizes in the PE office. Please come at 1st break or 2nd break on Monday.

Grade 7 / 8 Library Information

Greetings from the Library!

We will be open for gr. 7 & 8 students to come in for 1st nutrition break only, starting next week. (Mon Sep 11, 2017)

  • They will need a library pass to enter.
  • A maximum of 2 students allowed per pass and per homeroom.

Library passes will be available for teachers to pick up in a small pink bin in the intermediate staff room, as well as in our library.

  • Yellow passes for gr. 7s
  • Green passes for gr. 8s.

Times to arrive…

  • Gr. 7- 11:00am-11:15am
  • Gr. 8- 11:15am-11:30am

Just so YOU know…

  • Grade 7s will be limited to 1 book if they wish to check any items out on this break, as many will not have had their library orientation.
  • Gr. 8s may borrow up to 4 books.

Look forward to seeing the students soon!


Ms. MacKechnie, Teacher-Librarian
Mrs. Campbell, Library Technician

UPDATE: FIRST WEEK Class Consistency Challenge – EXTENDED to THU SEP 14

UPDATE: Our first week at school was fantastic, but super busy!

Thanks to those of you who handed in your Class Challenge sheet. It has been pointed out that some people are feeling a bit rushed to complete the activity, and are also finding it difficult to do the webquest portion without access to the classroom pods, therefore we have decided to extend the deadline.

If you handed your’s in on Thursday you will get your class in the draw 7 times, the entries will decrease by one each day until next Thursday, September 14, which will be the last day to submit. We’ll do the draw on Friday Sep 15 in the morning. Teachers have been emailed this information and the poster in the atrium will also be changed. Teachers – When you are finished, hand in just your checklist to Mr. MacEwen (or put it in his mailbox.) Good luck!

PLEASE NOTE: A copy of this document was given to teachers via email and their mailbox. Completed forms can be given to Mr. MacEwen. Good luck everybody!

Dear Intermediate Teachers / Students,

Welcome back! Sometime this first week, please do the following activities in your homeroom class. (Homeroom teachers can either do it themselves, or partner up with literacy teachers.) When you have checked off all of the items, please fill out the form and give it to Mr MacEwen so your class will have a chance to win a box of Timbits.


  • Handed in on Wednesday (SEP 6) – 8 chances to win
  • Handed in on Thursday (SEP 7) – 7 chances to win
  • Handed in on Friday -(SEP 8) – 6 chances to win
  • Handed in on Monday (SEP 11) – 5 chances to win
  • Handed in on Tuesday (SEP 12) – 4 chances to win
  • Handed in on Wednesday (SEP 13) – 3 chances to win
  • Handed in on Thursday (SEP 14) – 2 chances to win (LAST DAY TO SUBMIT)
  • Winner will be announced on Friday SEP 15.

Try to do the following tasks as a class. (A lot of information is posted on our new website)

1. Watch the JC Polh Teen Truth video promo and discuss. Teen Truth is coming to our school to do a special presentation in the middle of September.

  • (HINT: It’s on this LDH78 website. Use the search box on the right, or skim and scan the NEWS or PEP TALK sections.) 

2. Go for a tranquility walk to practice social skills, review routines, and to build habits.

Grade 7s – Welcome to Longfields! Here’s a chance to see how we fly.
Grade 8s – We’re not trying to be condescending. This is just a fun way to go for a class walk. (Reviewing routines helps everyone get on the same page. Plus, there are some changes!)

Places to visit:

  • Waiting area at 8:35 AM by the Secondary tech wing
  • Waiting area at 8:35 AM by the Secondary comm-tech / art wing.
  • Intermediate Atrium / Whiteboard. (Did you know the classrooms on the first floor can hear everything. Let’s be respectful of their teaching space.)
  • Main office – What do you do if you’re late or need to sign out early?
  • Auditorium steps – NEW this year! Classes have assigned seats for assemblies.
  • Vending machines – Use it during the first part when you come down to the caf.
  • Cafeteria – What are the rules / expectations / exit procedures?
  • Exit from the cafeteria back door, and go to the yard
  • New Yard boundaries (see the map on our website)
  • Enter from door F – this should be the only entrance used at breaks

What should transitions look like?

  • Quieter conversations so we don’t disturb classes in session. (We all transition at different times during the day.)
  • Walking is always a good idea.

Why should I try to walk on the right?

  • Safety: less traffic jams / eases congestion
  • Being mindful of others / building habits / learning etiquette
  • Being respectful – let’s walk on the right
  • We’re not going to send you to the office, but if we have to talk to you repeatedly, it’s not about the hallway, it may be about a defiance issue.

3. Do the webquest using the new website and the student agenda.

Updated on Sun Sep 10, 2017

LDHSS JC Pohl Welcome Video: Resiliancy is about taking the hits, and moving forward

JC Pohl from Teen Truth will be coming to Longfields in a few weeks to speak to our Grade 7s and 8s.

He’s going to be talking to us about what it means to make a difference at school, in each other’s lives, and what it means to tell our truth.

What does that mean, exactly? Check out the welcome video below that he posted in YouTube for us. You can also visit or to learn more.

Building Respect Into our Everyday

In order for our school to be an environment where can thrive, it is very important that we all learn specifically how we should talk to each other.

The staff / teacher conversation is a very interesting conversation that we should all work on perfecting. It is absolutely critical that students are respectful of all staff in the building. This includes:

  • your teachers,
  • other teachers,
  • office staff,
  • principals
  • and custodial staff.

The better our communication skills are with each other on a regular basis, the better off we will be in stressful or difficult situations.

In a world of emails and text messages, we all need to practice and work on our oral communication skills every single day. Take a look at the following chart to see if there are any helpful tips.


  • Use the teacher’s name when speaking to them.
  • Use proper manners. If you are asking something say please. If a teacher helps you with something, say thank you.
  • Wait until the teacher has completed their thought / sentence before you share your ideas or opinions.
  • Approach the staff as an authority figure. They are ultimately in charge and their decisions must be respected as final.
  • Understand that teachers act the way they do for two reasons, the first is for the overall safety of all students and the second is out of an understanding of what is best for you (even if you don’t like it).
  • Understand that sometimes the decisions teachers make are not always decisions that you like. This is not because they don’t like you. It is because they are required to uphold rules and policies.



  • Interrupt when you are being spoken to.
  • Use inappropriate slang terms or swear words.
  • Use negative body language
  • Turn away from an ongoing conversation
  • Raise your voice or direct anger towards a teacher.
  • Think you get to make the rules or decide for yourself what is good or bad behavior.
  • Try to find ways around a decision that a teacher has made.
  • Assume the teacher is trying to get you into trouble.
  • Be dishonest
  • Avoid staff when they are talking to you.
  • Pick and choose which staff you will listen to or not. All staff have equal responsibility for your well being.

Conversations Starter Tips

If you are having trouble starting conversations with staff try out some of these conversations starters and see where they take you.

  • Hey, good morning (Mr. / Mrs.) ____________ how are you this morning?
  • Hi Mr. / Mrs. ______________ I was wondering if we could find some time to talk about the __________ homework from last night.
  • Hi Mr. / Mrs. _____________  I have an idea about ___________ that i was hoping to discuss with you. Do you think we could chat about it some time?